Welcome to the survey for everyday integrated language education and language support in day care centers in the district of Goslar.

With this survey, we would like to assess parents, pedagogical specialists and day care teams for the implementation of the quality characteristic of language education in our day care centers.

The results serve to secure and further develop the quality of our facilities.

Please use your anonymized, personal access code. This guarantees that the results can be collected for every facility.

You can answer the questionnaire between January 13th and January 31st, 2020. Allow around 15 minutes for this. If you have to interrupt, use the Caching function and log in again later with your access code.

End the answer by clicking on the End evaluation button - this will save your information.

Thank you for your participation!

For questions and further information, please contact your daycare center or:
contact persons:

  • Start gGmbH: Fr. Jaschinsky:
    Tel: 0345/225 803 98

  • LK Goslar: Fr. Bleul:
    Tel: 05321/76 710

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